If you are wondering why this blog about gay historical romance is named after a type of pasta, wonder no more 🙂

In fact a ‘macaroni’ in the 18th Century was an over elegant, foppish young man, who had been on the grand tour around Europe and was suspected of having imported into England, along with his other suspicious foreign ways, that detestable crime which decency forbids me to name.


 But Macaronies are a sex
Which do philosophers perplex;
Tho’ all the priests of Venus’s rites
Agree they are Hermaphrodites.
(‘The Vauxhall Affray’, a 1770s print)


A macaroni could just be, of course, an idle youth whose affected ways and adherence to high fashion were no more than the result of having too much money and too little to do.  But nevertheless the true British bulldogs of society – the sort of men who ate at the Beefstake club were pretty sure that the macaroni’s effeminacy didn’t even attempt to hide their sodomitical ways.  In fact they flaunted it.

Which is why it makes it a perfect moniker for a group of writers who flaunt their love of gay historical romance.  Not that I for one would ever consider wearing that wig.

Lots more fascinating information on the Macaronis and the (possibly mythical) Macaroni Club on Rictor Norton’s  website here.

It puts a whole new slant on Yankee Doodle, I must say!