Hi, my name is Erastes – male pen name, female body… undecided inside.

I started to write gay historical romance because it seemed that, at least since Gaywyck and Vadrial Vail there was almost no-one doing it and I couldn’t understand why. I was sure there must be a market for it and so I started to write Standish, (Regency) even though some people told me that there was NO market for gay romance, particularly historical.

I’m glad that they were proved wrong. Standish hasn’t made me rich but it has proved to me that people want to read this kind of book, men and women both, and that’s great. I’ve also found out that people are writing it, and I’ve made some good friends due to the shared interest.

I’m also the owner of Speak Its Name, the only place on the net dedicated to news, view and reviews of gay historical fiction.

My other writings include over 20 short stories in various anthologies and a novella within Night Moves, published by Aspen Mountain Press. The novella is called “Chiaroscuro” and is about a 19th century Florentine artist who falls in love with his model.

I have a further novella coming out in Summer 2008 published by Linden Bay Romance. It’s called Hard & Fast (Regency) and will be in an anthology of three novellae with two other members of this blog, Lee Ransom and Charlie Cochrane. You can read an excerpt of Hard & Fast here.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.