A Lounge used to mean “gossip shop” which was probably ye olde Starbucks, as there were more coffee houses in the 18th century in London than there are now, apparently.

And this useless but fascinating snippet of information is just the sort of thing you’ll get more of at our brand new lounge – or Yahoo Chat Group, if you will – SPEAK ITS NAME – which opens its doors today.

All day – for we have writer/members all over the world – we’ll be chatting, sharing snippets, answering questions, writing flashfic on demand (or just because we want to), and announcing giveaways and competitions. There will be lots to read, lots to chat about, and lots to WIN.

Tamara Allen : Alex Beecroft : Martin Brandt : Charlie Cochrane
Emma Collingwood : Katherine Cross : Erastes
Ann Herendeen : Kalita Kasar : Kiernan Kelly
Syd McGingley : Parhelion : Mark R Probst : Lee Rowan
Ruth Sims : J M Snyder : Julia Talbot
E L van Hine : Emily Veinglory : Stevie Woods

So pop along, join in and perhaps we can even tempt you to try writing gay historicals too. Because men+brass buttons? There’s just nothing like it.