Hello to the new, expanded and inclusive Coming Soon which incorporates all three “arms” of the Macaronis – The Blog, The Chat Group and The Review Site.

The first chat went well, and we have close to 100 members already.

Monday is PROMO DAY on The Chat Group :blurbs, reviews, links to book trailers, contests, announcements of new releases, reviews etc

On Tuesday here on The Blog, Erastes will be discussing the history of that most intimate piece of clothing – the male lower undergarment. From loincloth to boxer shorts. Pants to make you pant. Or not.

Thursday is EXCERPT DAY on The Chat Group. Please come along, join up if you haven’t already – and read excerpts from gay historical novels from any era. Please feel free to share your own excerpts if you have written any in the genre, too.

Here on The Blog on Thursday, we’ll be listing some more of our favourite gay and homoerotic historical films. (This film ISN’T one of them, but I couldn’t miss putting up the picture.)

On Saturday Charlie Cochrane will be here introducing herself and talking about her work.