Novelist Nan Hawthorne

Novelist Nan Hawthorne

As a new member of The Macaronis team I would like to introduce myself.  I am a historical novelist and have been a professional writer for several years.  I wrote my first short story when I was seven years old, but it was not until the 1990s that I started to write as a career.  For many years I divided my work between my first book, Loving the Goddess Within: Sex Magick for Women and, later, hundreds of articles published on the web about nonprofit management and employment issues related to disabilities.  Though I had written a notable amount of fiction as a teenager, I did not touch fiction other than a couple stories for such magazines as WomanSpirit and Albatross, until 2006 when I seriously considered writing a novel.  The immediate result of that choice was my first novel, An Involuntary King: A Tale of Anglo Saxon England, published via BookSurge.  You can find links to most of my books on my web site,

In the meantime I discovered that I was not the only woman in the world who likes to read romances involving gay men!  It turns out, of course, that there is a whole genre, maybe even more than one, so dedicated.  I happen to have a severe visual disability, so picking up a paperback and reading it is no longer possible, but ebooks in general and the Kindle 3 in particular have allowed me to start reading all the M/M romances I could ever want.

My first novel itself is not in that genre, though there are gay male characters that play an important role.  One of the chapters featuring these two men will be published in the December 2010 issue of Wilde Oats.  I have just completed a novel with a lesbian protagonist whom I created mainly to experience writing a female character I could relate to, strong, capable and not defined by the nature of her genitals.  This novel takes place during the Crusade of 1101 with the main character joining it disguised as her own late twin brother.  It is an adventure, but there is romance within it.  I have some more mainstream novels in the works, but plan to concentrate on writing M/M romance in the near future. 

 One thing that has proved empowering to me is the Internet.  Thanks to the help of what is called assistive technology my lack of any central (fine) vision I can write, read, discuss, research, and network very nearly like a fully sighted person.  I am like a kid in a candy store at times and have several blogs that I have loved creating.  I choose to continue to write about the characters in An Involuntary King, characters a teen friend and I began developing back in the 1960s, on a blog of the same name.  I explore opportunities for accessible reading and review historical novels on another.  In another I provide an extensive blog list. Of course, there is also my own personal and professional blog that I call Nan Hawthorne’s Booking History.  On this last I make a point of providing other novelists with a place to expose their work (Historical Fiction Roundup) and discuss hot topics (Burning Issues in Historical Fiction), both regular features on that blog.

 For fun I participate in the collaborative writing tool, Ghostletters, which I originated in 1994.  I warmly invite anyone and everyone to check it out.

 Lately I have become involved in more gay and M/M publishing, being a new member of the editorial teams for Wilde Oats, The Macaronis and other online publications.  I am also the originator of Bosom Friends, the lesbian companion to Speak Its Name.  My activities are not limited to the literary, however, as I own and operate an Internet Celtic music radio station, Radio Dé Danann, at, enjoy what I call “yarn paintings”, and squeeze in between all that my greatest passion, listening to books on audio and text to speech readers.  I am a member of the board of the Independent Authors Guild and a North American member of the Historical Novel Society.

I am proud to have been included in The Macaronis and hope to be a useful, informative and fun member of the group.  I will be happy to say more on any of these subjects if you have questions.  Just leave a comment below or write to me via my web site,

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