The news recently has been so full of heartbreaking stories of kids taking their own lives because of bullying they’ve received because of their sexuality. I wanted to share some good news for a change.

Here in the UK we have a government body called the Equalities Office. This has “responsibility within Government for equality strategy and legislation. GEO takes the lead on issues relating to women, sexual orientation and transgender equality matters.”

This year, the Equality Bill began to roll out, simplifying. amalgamating and extending existing equalities law.

What does this mean in practice? Here’s an example –
For a transgender person, “You will be protected against discrimination and harassment by your employer or a service provider because you are a transsexual person. You will also be protected from discrimination and harassment, for example, by a teacher at school, by someone exercising a public function (such as policing), or by a private club.
You will also be protected from indirect discrimination, where an apparently neutral rule, policy or practice particularly disadvantages transsexual people and cannot be justified.”

You can’t legislate against people’s attitudes, but one step at a time…