Hopefully will make this a weekly event, words found whilst doing my writing and researching. Feel free to email me with any you’d like included.

A disordered state of the stomach characterized by rumbling in the intestines; diarrhœa with stomach-ache; hence gen. indisposition, ‘butterflies in the stomach’, a state of nervous fear. (In quot. 1853   used nonsensically.)

1823   P. Egan Grose’s Classical Dict. Vulgar Tongue (rev. ed.) ,   Collywobbles, the gripes.
1841   Punch 9 Oct. 154/1   To..keep him from getting the collywobbles in his pandenoodles.
1853   ‘C. Bede’ Adventures Mr. Verdant Green viii. 75   A touch of the mulligrubs in your collywobbles?
1901   F. T. Bullen Sack of Shakings 308   He laughingly excused himself on the ground that his songs were calculated to give a white man collywobbles.
1959   I. Opie & P. Opie Lore & Lang. Schoolchildren x. 185   He is a ‘funk’..or has ‘got the collywobbles’.
And also a place in South Africa, so one wonders if it actually derived from the place – as “Delhi Belly” is used these days.
I think next week’s should be pandenoodles!