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Hello to the new, expanded and inclusive Coming Soon which incorporates all three “arms” of the Macaronis – The Blog, The Chat Group and The Review Site.

The first chat went well, and we have close to 100 members already.

Monday is PROMO DAY on The Chat Group :blurbs, reviews, links to book trailers, contests, announcements of new releases, reviews etc

On Tuesday here on The Blog, Erastes will be discussing the history of that most intimate piece of clothing – the male lower undergarment. From loincloth to boxer shorts. Pants to make you pant. Or not.

Thursday is EXCERPT DAY on The Chat Group. Please come along, join up if you haven’t already – and read excerpts from gay historical novels from any era. Please feel free to share your own excerpts if you have written any in the genre, too.

Here on The Blog on Thursday, we’ll be listing some more of our favourite gay and homoerotic historical films. (This film ISN’T one of them, but I couldn’t miss putting up the picture.)

On Saturday Charlie Cochrane will be here introducing herself and talking about her work.

What’s better? Historical Accuracy or Feminism? There’s only one way to find out! FIGHT!

No, seriously. Emma Collingwood will be discussing the subject in The Boy’s Club on Tuesday.

And on Thursday we’ll be reminding, and announcing the Great Hallowe’en Launch of our brand new yahoo chat group SPEAK ITS NAME.

It all kicks off, breeches ripping, buttons flying, cravats untangling – on Friday 31st October (my birthday, cough cough). Loads of The Macaronis will be there to answer your questions – and other great stuff yet to be announced – So join up you know you want to. We’ll be approving all members on Thursday ready for the big chat.

Macaroni – (n) comfort food for historians and lovers of gay fiction

Good Day to you, gentle readers.

This week we offer the following delights:

On Tuesday Margaret Leigh explores Terra Australis Incognita

And on Thursday, Charlie Cochrane asks: Who should play Who?

Do make a note in your diary – or add a Livejournal feed – so you never miss a post!


This week we have a bit of a research theme for the rendition of readers of redoubtable romances.

On Tuesday, Emily Veinglory will be sharing some resources for Victorian m/m writers.

On Thursday we’ll be exposing some of the seedier sex cases at the Old Bailey.

Come one, come all!

Bah for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! It’s pissing it down in Norforlk, UK. Hope it’s nicer where you are.

This week we are playful and poetic for your perfect perspicacity!

On Tuesday, Alex Beecroft gets all girly and coy and shares with you the language of fans.

On Thursday we wax lyrical over some of the most tender gay poetry known to man. Men. whatever.

Hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you during the week.

Hello again! I hope you enjoyed our Aussie week last week, this week we look at homosexuality and attitudes to it from two very differing viewpoints. I think – at least, I for one am looking forward to both these posts.

On Tuesday, Alex Beecroft will be discussing the Viking attitude to homosexuality and will probably point out what’s VERY wrong with my pictures here. What a shame Kirk Douglas didn’t pin Tony Curtis to a wheel and started chucking axes at him, hmm?

And on Thursday, Charlie Cochrane will be exploring E M Forster so there will be a lack of axes, I’m afraid.

Do drop by and don’t be afraid to add a comment!

Hello! We hope you are enjoying the more active Blog and we encourage you to comment if you read something you like (or don’t!)

This week we have the following fabulous finery for your fondest favour.

On Tuesday Emily Veinglory goes back to the future and asks: is the historical the future of genre-romance?

On Thursday we share some of the hottest costumed men on the silver screen.

I hope you enjoy them! Tell your friends!

This week we have the following delights for your decadent delectation.

On Tuesday we learn a little about Lady Mary Hervey, wife of one of the most notorious Macaronis, Lord John Hervey.

On Thursday we learn about ballroom dances (and no, that’s not a Macaroni euphemism!) in the Victorian and Regency eras with many videos for you to learn and try at home! I find it amusing that the men in this picture seem to have eyes only for each other.

Just to get your juices flowing, we’ve decided to let you know what’s going to come up in the week.

On Tuesday: Charlie Cochrane delves into old newspapers and the treasures therein

On Wednesday Mark R Probst discusses the use of modern language and its place (if any) within historical fiction.

On Thursday: Erastes shares some of her favourite gay historical art

On Saturday: Lee Rowan introduces herself with excerpts of her work.